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Dream Doll Creation
Silicone Dolls made for pleasure since 2006

About DreamDoll: DreamDoll Creation RealDoll - so much more than just a real love doll

Since the spring of 2006, our DreamDoll Creation team has been producing silicone dolls of the highest quality. We produce our DreamDoll Creation models in Southern France, Strasbourg.

Since the beginning of 2006, the MECHTECH company exclusively sells these beautiful silicone doll creations, the so-called Realdoll's. We are responsible for the north of Europe and the rest of the world, as far as Australia and Asia.

We want to be able to simulate and simulate our customers with our silicone models, sexual / erotic experiences through anatomically correct executable positioning easily and uncomplicated. The combination movement spectrum to the silicone density, is to simulate our customers that with silicone models rightly expected, known "meat feeling" true to life. As with a beautiful, erotic and sexually graceful woman, these features enchant our models into a real sex bomb!

Exactly this satisfied expectation regarding the meatiness of our models, is always, again and again, very often and very gladly confirmed by our highly exclusive clientele, after a successful purchase, again and again gladly.

We continue our research in this direction steadily and let these always automatically flow into our productions. Our models do not dry out! Simply powder in or 1.5 times a month is enough to keep the skin supple and soft!

Satisfied expectations

It is precisely this fulfilled expectation regarding the meatiness of our models, which is assumed by our customers, that is confirmed again and again, very often and very much by our highly exclusive clientele, following a purchase. We look forward to your opinion u. Write suggestions to us, even if you think that we should change something fundamental in this or that point. ,

We continue to push our research in this direction and always incorporate them automatically into our productions.

Our affordable DreamDoll - High Quality Silicone Love Dolls, look like a RealDoll

Our DreamDoll Creation's models are made by our long-established and experienced creator T. Reverdi, who has been producing most of the EUROPE-made silicone dolls / silicone dolls models on time for our exclusive clientele since spring 2006. Our DreamDoll Creations models present the highest "quality and quality" as they may be expected in the absolute exclusive top class from our exclusive clientele.

About our service:
We take our service very seriously and responsibly answer all your inquiries within 24 hours (often much faster). It must be right not only in production but also in service. Many of our customers praise our service which does not stop after a purchase explicitly.

About our principles of guarantee:

We provide one year warranty on the internal substructure and on our manufacturing services. If you or we detect production damage within one year, we will replace your model if necessary or repair it promptly. We are constantly learning and developing the latest techniques and technologies around our DreamDoll models, especially for you, of course, realistically. functioning flawlessly in the form and range of motion to present.

We produce beautiful erotic, sexually graceful DreamDoll models (the so-called Realdolls), Our silicone dolls are made entirely of the most expensive medical (allergy-friendly) silicone from us. Our DreamDoll models cover, functionally accurate, the entire natural range of motion of a human, unnatural movements are not feasible! All the way to yoga, a model can be moved.

A lifelike silicone love doll to your taste!

In our Dream Doll / Real Doll Shop, we offer you desirable women in the full range of feminine beauty. Imagine the girl of your dreams according to your individual ideas. From the breast size to the eye color your choices range.

Dreamdoll - the reasonably priced X-Cite models!

You want to buy a high-quality silicone doll, but do not invest in a top model with all kinds of extras? With the Dreamdoll X-CITE we have created a variant of our premium dolls, which offers you incomparable enjoyment, but is still inexpensive. Overall, the Real Doll prices in our DreamDoll Shop are in an area that offers you excellent features at an attractive price.