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Are silicone sex dolls / love dolls (sex dolls) more popular than "real women"?

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The world of silicone dolls (sex dolls) is moving and evolving rapidly, with unbelievable new features and models coming out time and time again. Here at we are very proud to offer one of the most complete selection of love dolls & sex dolls in the world - and for a long time now we can also offer you love dolls with built-in heating elements and feel sensors in the skin, sensors react to touches in various moods on your interaction (see eg here / robot web page).

Silicone-Sex-Doll Creator / Silicone Doll Manufacturers in the US are working on a range of technologies to make the love affair with a sex doll even more exciting.

Will all men someday have a robot sex doll (silicone sex dolls)? Some experts believe in it.

David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, recently said, "The arrival of sexually-responsive robots will have tremendous consequences. "Thanks to the Internet, mobile devices and social media, interpersonal relationships have already changed dramatically." The next big step forward will allow us to use our technology to have intimate encounters with the technology itself - fall in love with technology To have sex with robots and to marry her. "

Some experts even believe that young people will make their first sexual experiences with an Android lover or sex doll. There is no doubt that the world of sex dolls is moving fast, but the current models are still amazing, as our customers can confirm. We supply silicone and TPE love dolls from the world's leading brands, including Incrididolls, Dreamdolls and WM Dolls. Do not forget, all taxes and shipping costs are included in the price!

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