Fund your love doll

Installment payment

Fund your love doll


If you would like to finance your / DreamDoll, INCRIDIDOLL silicone or TPE love doll model, via a loan you are looking for, it is possible for us to contact our loan specialist advisors. The / MECHTECH support team assured us of a friendly, discreet and understanding handling of your possibly desired financing. Your application for a targeted loan can be processed immediately according to your intended purpose (eg "For free disposal").

Information on self-disclosure (SA) / application for installment loans:

Please fill out the following items truthfully and in detail for your self-disclosure. Send your self-declaration (SA) signed and as an original, by post, directly to PROVENTUS. Since this is confidential data, we ask that you only exchange confidential data with your financial advisor.

Please send PROVENTUS your self-disclosure via standard post, including your attached last 3 x pay slips (over a period of at least 3 months), which must also be available to the financing provider for inspection, to the post address below (generally only Original pay slips accepted / accepted by banks). After processing your application, PROVENTUS will of course send you the pay slips back immediately.

Please declare your loan application as follows!
Intended use: "Loans at your disposal".
Precondition: a current account in Germany

For self-assessment (SA): If one of the positions listed here is out of the question for you or does not apply to you, you do not need to include these positions in this self-assessment (then please leave it blank). Only the parts relevant to you need to be filled out. Do you have questions about an installment loan? Just get in touch with us, we are happy to help.

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