Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns information
The delivery cost inside the european union for a "Fullbody- Model" =...00,00
For deliverys outside the European Union ask our department first please.

SHIPPING: With your ORDER you give us also your up to date (valid) delivery / Shipping address. To this address we shall ship / send you all your desired and ordered articles. We shall send you an actual delivery day for your personal time calculation, as soon as possible for us. We need 24 up at most 48 hours  (+- 24 h.) for shippings only, after the production is finished.

SHIPPING COSTS: Normal for most EU Customers & Countries the shipping cost is inside. BUt we need for different EU Countries different delivery cost, because our delivery department want also the extra money from us. You can see in the below a list, which country need extra money for delivery; also you can find (for add to order, only) the current delivery cost into the below of the specefications you like to add to your model under delivery costs, please.

INSURANCE: The cost of the delivery Insurance is not included in your purchase Price. You can add this feature as like an option. Contact us please, if you like to get further informations.

RETURNS INFORMATION: If you have any trouble with the delivery (shipping / damages), don’t be afraid please, we shall help you very quickly. Please give us all information, about the volume of the damage(s) you have located, per mail, fax, or phone as fast as possible for you. Send us all information’s about the delivery damage(s) within 24 up at to 48 hours max. please.

We deiver for free / Home address in follow EU Countries:



Czech Republic
United Kingdom

EU and EU foreign countries / indication of delivery costs:
Andorra (*)
Australia (#) (500 )
Estonia (*)
France (* applies only to overseas territories and departments)
Finland (+/#)
Greece (* only valid for Mount Athos)
Great Britain (* only for the Channel Islands)
Greenland (*)
Ireland (*)
Italy (* only applies to overseas territories / islands)
Malta (* only the ferry costs are extra)
Netherlands (* only non-European NL areas and islands)
Norway (#) (130 )
Sweden (up to 130 euros)
Switzerland (#) (100 )
Slovakia (*)
USA United States of America (#) (600 )
Vatican City (*)
Cyprus (* only the ferry costs are extra).

Please note that applicable:

(*) = (Delivery costs must be determined separately, as far as indicated in the Web shop, visible or selectable, all prices listed in the shop apply).

(=) = (Clearly precalculated delivery costs are incurred, see price in Euro All prices shown normal as gross prices.

Plenty thanks for your big trust about our EUROPE Creation Articles
and our MECHTECH Company.

Best kind regards,

Andree Schulz and
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