Our OR-DOLL TPE love doll models are fully functional TPE full-body sex dolls; Made with three inlets, a vaginal, anal and oral inlet. Our OR-DOLL TPE love dolls have a very nice, individual bust size. The breasts and the body of our OR-DOLL TPE sex dolls are made entirely of TPE.

OR-DOLL TPE sex doll guaranteed cheap / The love doll experts!

• Producer: OR-DOLL /
• Free shipping (EU incl. VAT and handling, processing)
• TPE of the latest generation / very high quality elastane elastomers
• 3 Einlkäße: vaginal, oral and anal) for the perfect pleasure
• highly stable substructure (skeleton), fully mobile (completely natural),
• individually / freely designable (simply request option / select specifications)
• absolutely discrete- shipping, no logos or origin recognizable, including tracking code for a traceable delivery!

Of course, OR-Doll models are soft and can be moved naturally. All natural positions can be reproduced. Thus, realistic, man-like, authentic erotic moments are easily experienced.

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Show 1 to 18 (of in total 38 products)