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DreamDoll X-Treme Tania Model

Exclusive "Sex Dolls" High Quality Adult Real Dolls & Silicone Sex Dolls offers you not only the exclusive DreamDoll and IncridiDoll SexDoll / Silicone Sex Dolls models at the absolute highest level, we sell even the more favorable TPE Sex Dolls, which were custom-prepared in China. The Silicone Sex Dolls, which are available exclusively from our (MECHTECH) or affiliated retailers, are truly the best and most affordable and adult Real Dolls / Sex Doll models you can buy in the EU. These silicone sex dolls are finished with the utmost care through hand-crafted process, for you, to make sure that all the details match and the quality stays the same. It is this love for detail and our experiences we have had through our "silicone sex dolls / adult sex doll" productions, since opening in the year 2006 to date. Through this faithfulness to the original and in detail, we develop our absolutely realistic silicone love dolls (so-called adult Real Dolls) with unique detail-driven features in and around the model. The breasts and vagina are extremely natural and sometimes absolutely lifelike. Even the smallest details and features such as eyelashes or vagina or anus are very realistic.

Favourable SexDoll / Adult Real Dolls & Love Dolls / Silicone Sex Dolls
01. Most Valuable "SexDoll / Silicone Sex Doll
02. Most Favorable "SexDoll" Silicone - Sex Doll
03. 1. Step-up "SexDoll / Silicone Sex Doll
03. 2. Step-in "SexDoll" TPE Sex Doll

SexDoll / Sex Dolls Standard Silicone Sex Dolls High-Value
04. Big breasts Silicone Sex Doll / Sex Dolls in "blonde"
05. MILF Sex Dolls in Blonde
06. Flat-breasted "Silicone SexDoll" Silicone Sex Dolls
07. Black Sex Doll with Black Hair (BIG CUP)
08. Black Silicone Sex Doll (Favorable) / (Big Cup)

Our Silicone Sex Dolls / Sex Dolls & Adult Real Dolls were restored with the most valuable medical macromolecule silicone. The material is not only made from the most valuable silicones, but also hardened with platinum. By preventing the hardening of platinum-silicone, preventing oil from exceeding the skin excessively, was sometimes the case unlike platinum-welded silicones.

In addition to the craftsmanship and the most valuable materials used, the skeletons of our silicone sex doll models in this price range are more than very robust. The joints are robust and strong (guarantee up to 200 kg of weight, if you wish, and more) to guarantee a truly long life. It is possible for the puppet to hold positions, and to facilitate all desired positions in the short term. One problem with cheaper sex dolls is that they lock your joints over time and in longer use the joints of the love dolls become slack and loose. Our high-value silicone-love-doll models except for their joint stiffness are significantly long-lasting.

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Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 2 Days)
Special price 1.569,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
Shipping time: 2 Weeks (+- 1)
Special price 1.389,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 2 Days)
Special price 1.639,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 2 Days)
Special price 1.559,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
Love Doll Julia X-Treme
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 2 Days)
Special price 4.699,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
MWM-DOLL 136 MIMI #107
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 2 Days)
Special price 1.289,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
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DreamDoll Scarlett X-Press Model

Deciding for your choice, meeting your trust also forms the base of our reliable and exclusive customer service for you. We produce our exclusive models for happiness in Europe. In Europe it is quite possible that silicone sex dolls / silicone love dolls model can be a complete overhaul with our DreamDoll manufacturers in France. If you do not need a complete overhaul, but only a repair, we have no problem with that. This is unfortunately not the case for the Chinese TPE sex dolls, as China is - The cost of delivery is often too high.

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