Love doll Maeva RLS model

Love doll Maeva RLS model
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DreamDoll love doll X-Treme + RLS model version

DreamDoll offers you a DreamDoll + RLS model -, RLS stands for Real, Live & Sensitive, this option grants a natural skin feeling and behavior of your model. The skin of the DreamDoll model feels naturally soft (jiggly), it is naturally supple and thus generates a lifelike sensitive skin feeling.

Specifications for the DreamDoll love dolls X-Treme + RLS model version:

+ Face type: You choose yourself (Asia, European, African,
   6 faces to choose from.
+ Height: 1.68 meters
+ Dimensions: 90 - 63 - 92

+ 3 breast sizes freely selectable (without surcharge):
+ Breast size: 90B (FR); 34A 34B (GB); 75B (DE) CUP = small
+ Breast size: 90C (FR); 34B 34C (GB); 75C (DE) CUP = medium
+ Breast size: 90D (FR); 34C 34D (GB); 75D (DE) CUP = large

+ Option (plus surcharge):
+ 30% breast enlargement to 90E / F (FR); 34DD (USA); 34E (GB); 75E (DE) CUP = LARGE + 30%

+ Clothing size: 38.
+ Weight: 37 kg + / -5%
+ Hair color: black, blonde, brown, medium brown and red
+ Hair length: choose between long or short hair
+ Eye color: blue, extra-blue, green, extra-green, gray.
+ Skin colors: Choose between 4 basic colors / skin types:
   Standard skin tone, Asian, Latino brown, African black.
+ Special Make-up: Make-up based on silicone colors;
   is created by our award-winning make-up designer.

+ Our DreamDoll models are freely modifiable!
+ 1 year manufacturer warranty / internal substructure and production damage
+ INFO: Comprehensive manual / USER- CARE GUIDE
   with comprehensive precautions and repair instructions for using the repair kit.

Ultra-realistic sex characteristics (sex parts),
Super Jiggly Breast, Butt & Hipp & Sexpart Technologie!

Our DreamDoll models are produced by our inventor Thierry Reverdi. Who has been producing most of all silicone love dolls ordered in Europe for our customers on time since spring 2006. Our DreamDoll Creation models present the highest "quality and quality class" in terms of "love doll productions from medical silicone".

We offer you a comprehensive warranty guarantee on our productions. We provide a one-year guarantee on the internal substructure (the skeleton) and recognized production damage. If you or we discover production damage within a year, we will immediately exchange your model or replace it.

There is only one company in the world that can guarantee you a guarantee for a hygiene article (DreamDoll Europe).

The manufacturing process, the structure, the design and the implementation for the design of our DreamDoll models now open up a completely new generation from the "world of love dolls made of medical silicone", the so-called "Real Dolls".

- Face type: TANIA European face.
- Face type: SORIA European face.
- Face type: SWAN Asian face.
- Face type: CHLÈA European face.
- Face type: JULIA European face
- Face type: MAEVA European face

Ultra-realistic sex characteristics (sex parts)

Three inlets:

- The vaginal inlet; is realistic, naturally soft (jiggly) structured.

- The oral intake; Mouth can be opened (is integrated in the skeleton)! With soft, tongue pelvis; with realistic aspiration. A natural phenomenon is used. A trained suction system generates a lifelike suction feeling, the so-called blow job.

- the anus; is realistically small, firm and smooth.

The Make-Up: Is a make-up made of silicone colors. A so-called permanent make-up. This make-up has a very long shelf life. It is characterized by bright colors with high color fastness. Everything is possible, from very delicate shades to glossy colors. Special requests for a special make-up are no problem. Realized by our award-winning make-up designer.

Order placement and delivery: You can order from us by email or standard mail. After receiving your order, we will send you our order confirmation immediately.

We deliver conveniently, discreetly and completely anonymously, the delivery costs are included in the purchase price. We deliver free of charge to any location you want within Europe. We deliver your model in a padded box, strapped on a pallet. On request, you can also pick up your model directly from us.

Production time: 2 weeks (+ - 1 weeks)
Delivery time after the end of production: 24 - 48 hours; within the EU (+ -24 hours).

Product Features

Type of woman: European, Amerikanisch

SiliconeDolls24 - Over 14 years of experience in "love dolls"

We have many years of experience in the production and sale of love dolls. We have been working exclusively with our producers since the end of 2005 and can therefore offer you very special sex dolls of the highest quality.

Our range is constantly expanding and now includes over 800 models. Our focus is on quality and the latest technology. Your satisfaction and lasting pleasure with your love doll is our goal!

Professional advice from experts

Our hotline is available daily to answer all inquiries, requests or suggestions relating to the topic of "love doll". Our customer service includes all-round support, from the beginning of an order to the final delivery.

You can reach our technical advice by phone at (+49) 04748 820 347.

Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

You are also welcome to visit us and get advice on site. Let yourself be inspired by our exhibits and take the opportunity to configure your silicone doll with our help.

Our opening times

Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Discreet shipping

SiliconeDolls24 assures you that your order will be delivered in an anonymized box. We do not use logos or manufacturer information that allow conclusions to be drawn about the content of the delivery. Only you know what is really in the box.

Depending on the destination country, your order will be delivered to you by DHL, FedEx, UPS or a shipping company. We will keep you up to date with the status of your order at all times. After shipping, you will receive a tracking number, which you can use to track the delivery.

Shipping time:  10 Days (+- 2 Days)
Product no.: DDC O-2 61010
Manufacturer: DreamDoll
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