rubber dolls alternative

Rubber dolls alternative
Much Better in material, functional feature, longevity than "Rubber Dolls or inflatable Dolls".
On this page of you will find the most suitable and quality offering of sex dolls or love dolls that are better than, and alternative to "Rubber Dolls" or "Inflatable Dolls". The page includes premium grade IncridiDoll and DreamDolls silicone doll models that are of the highest quality, along with TPE Sex Dolls, like you will find on the European Market here.
These sex doll or love doll models are available exclusively at, from the MECHTECH Company.

These dolls are definitely the best dolls as well as cheapest sex doll models you can buy in the EU. Our delivery process is done right after the production of the doll is completed, and takes least amount of time possible to reach to you. We ensure that each adult sex doll / silicone love doll is created with utmost care, giving full attention to details, also to make the quality high-end and same. Being engaged in the "Sex dolls / adult real doll" productions since 2006, we have maintained our production of fully realistic love dolls or sex dolls (so-called real dolls) that are complete with all the features and performance-enhancing functions. From major features like breasts and vaginas, which have been contoured well and given a lifelike texture, to minor features like eyelashes and inner vaginal walls, every aspect of the doll model is realistic and as intense as a real person’s.

Sex Dolls / Adult Love Dolls / Adult Real Dolls – Alternative to and Better than Rubber Dolls or Inflatable Sex Dolls 

Cheap "blow up doll alternatives" Blonde Love Dolls and Adult Sex Dolls:
01. Highest Quality "Blonde" Silicone Sex Dolls and Real Doll 
02. 1st Entry "blonde" TPE Sex Dolls 
03. "Blonde" silicone Sex Dolls and Real Doll – Cheapest but High-end Quality 
04. MILF Sex & Real dolls – “blonde” 
05. Busty Sex & Real dolls - "blonde" 
06. Flat-chested Sex and Real dolls - "blonde”
07. Black Sex & Real dolls – “blonde” hair (small cup) - (next)
08. Black Sex & Real dolls with “blonde” hair (Big cup) - (next)
Cheap Alternatives in Love Dolls and Real Dolls
09. Real Doll head furnished with heating system - "blonde" 
10. Love Doll torsos - "blonde" 

Our Silicone Adult Real Dolls / Adult Sex Dolls / Adult Love Dolls (check Silicone Doll Section) are developed with premium grade material - Medical Macromolecule Platinum - Silicone. This material is made using best quality of silicone, and is also hardened with platinum, which helps to make this material strong so as to eliminate the chances of oil escaping from the skin excessively (this is a disadvantage in case of non-platinum crosslinked silicone).
Apart from making use of finest manual work process in doll production, along with use of first-grade materials, our silicone sex doll models have robust and sturdy skeletons, in this price range. The robustness is experienced in the joints of the silicone love doll as well, as the joints are guaranteed to bear up to 200kg of weight, for long lifetime performance. And this fact ensures that you are able to use the sex dolls in desired and multiple positions in the short-term. There is no problem of the joints becoming loose and slack over time and with long use, something which happens with cheaper and below-par quality sex dolls.

We understand that with numerous options available and pertaining to the silicone or TPE sex doll production, performance, material, delivery and so, you might have questions to ask. Don’t worry and don’t feel shy to ask us anything related to sex dolls. You can reach out to us under Contakt-Link via email. And if you prefer you can also give us a call (even on the weekends) at: 0049 (0) 4748 820 347

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6YE DOLL ANGIE 161 CM (#26)
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 3 Days)
Special price 2.229,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 3 Days)
Special price 1.289,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
DS-DOLL Jens 163 cm
Shipping time: 2 Weeks (+-1)
Special price 3.099,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 3 Days)
Special price 1.329,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
MWM-DOLL 155 Kichi
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 3 Days)
Special price 1.390,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 3 Days)
Special price 1.479,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
MWM-DOLL 170 cm TPE Model Lucy 04 (#142)
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 3 Days)
Special price 1.729,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
MWM-DOLL Jamina 155 cm #47
Shipping time: 10 Days (+- 3 Days)
Special price 1.459,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl.
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Do you have questions, maybe? we can understand that, no problem, because there is much to talk or discuss about our silicone or TPE models and productions. Please do not be shy, just get in touch with us and we will gladly advise you about our cheap but high-quality Real Dolls. You can reach us under this Contakt-Link link via email. Or just give us a call (also on the weekends, no problem) at: 0049 (0) 4748 820 347

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