Bitte beachten, bevor Sie ein Sex-Roboter-Model kaufen wollen!


When it comes to sex robots, it is important to be aware of various aspects before purchasing. In this blog, we will provide you with important information that you should consider before purchasing a sexbot doll. From the sex bot doll's diverse activities to available body options and customer services, we want to ensure you can make an informed decision.

Series of activities

A. Automated intercourse: The robot is designed to simulate intercourse by moving the waist back and forth. It can be positioned on a bed or table and allows insertion from both the front and the back.

B. Automated oral sex: The robot's head is equipped with motion functions to provide an automated oral sex experience.

Please note special information from the manufacturer!

In view of the update of the customer service conditions for robots, we now offer robots with five body sizes: 148 cm / 150 cm Bust E, 158 cm Bust E, 163 cm Bust E, 168 cm Bust F.

In order to lower the threshold for users to purchase robots, we have reduced and readjusted the price difference between robots and ordinary dolls.

For example, our customers only need to add a small surcharge to the price of a 150cm ordinary TPE doll to upgrade it into a robot.

Please note that according to our new customer service conditions, if the user finds any product quality problems within two months of receiving the robot, we will only refund the option price difference (as previously paid) and will not redeliver the robot body (according to the manufacturer ).