DDC X-TREME Heated Body

DDC X-TREME Heated Body
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Product no.: DD-C-211010
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+ RLS (+ Real, Live, Sensitive)
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Products description

We are proud to present our: DreamDoll Model:
DreamDoll Creation X-TREME MODEL VERSION include heate body: + + + We grant for Satisfaction Warranty / Fast Support and Cheapest Repair- Solutions (if is necessary).

Optional you can also add the RLS Option (no problem). +RLS stay for: Real, Live & Sensitive: This Option grant you the natural feelings of your Doll. All possible density zones we create naturaly, for a nature sensitive feeling, we grant.

Our DreamDoll silicone love doll is coming to you. Let yourself get seduced. Originality and specified details, in combination with face and body, one of the most beautiful models in our Studio " DreamDoll- sexdoll MODELS", the SEX SIMULATION and special edition in modern time. Charisma of her appearance will put a spell on you. Our DreamDoll MODEL MODEL is a fully functional imitation of a wonderful woman. All attributes of an erotic appealing woman are combined perfectly. She puts herself in scene, with appealing sexual attribute.

DreamDoll Creation X-TREME MODEL (heated doll) Measures:
+ High quality Platinum / medical silicone
+ Face type: European, asian, Latin
+ Eye colour: blue, extra blue, green, extra green, brown, light brown, grey.
+ Hair colour: blond, black, brown, red, grey
+ Hair style: choose between long or short hair; wavy or glad
+ include heating system V1 (full body), include power box
+ 4 Skin tunes: colour 1 = Asian (more light), colour 2 = tanned,
colour 3 = Latin (more yellow), colour 4 = black (African black).

+ Height: 168 cm
+ Weight: 42 kg (+-5%)
+ 4 Breast Sizes:
+ All Human orifices
+ Super jiggly Breast, Butt and Hip technologie
+ Platinum- medical silicone

+ Breast sizes: 90B (FR); 34A (USA); 34B (UK) 12A (AU), 75B (DE) CUP = SMALL
+ Breast sizes: 90C (FR), 34B (U.S.) 34C (GB) 12B (AU) 75C (DE) CUP = MEDIUM
+ Breast sizes: 90D (FR), 34C (USA) 34D (GB) 12C (AU) 75D (U.S.) CUP = BIG

+ Option (plus surcharge):
+30% Breast enlargement 90E / F (FR) 34DD (U.S.) 34E (GB), 75E (DE) CUP = BIG +30%

+ Structure: Internal Skeleton / Structure
Structure: Internal highly stable / rugged Skeleton / internal Structure

+ + + One Year Warranty for Skeleton / internal Structure; production defaults.

Compilation and Options:

The chest:
You can choose between 3 different breast cup sizes (no extra costs). Breast size „BIG“ can be enhanced up to +30% optionally. Enlargement is fully medical-silicone (Not pneumatic).

+ Breast size: 85C (FR); 32B (USA); 32C (GB) 10B (AU); 70C (DE) CUP = SMALL

+ Breast size: 95D (FR); 36C (USA); 36D (GB) 14C (AU); 80D (DE) CUP = MEDIUM

+ Breast size: 95E (FR); 36DD (USA); 36E (GB) 14DD (AU); 80E (DE) CUP = BIG

OPTION + Breast size +30%: (95E (FR); 36DD (USA); 36E (GB) 14DD (AU); 80E (DE) CUP) +30% = BIG +30%

Faces: choose between: TANIA, SORIA, SWAN, CHLÈA , JULIA, MAEVA, face please!

SKIN: 4 Skin tunes: colour 1 = Asian (more light), colour 2 = tanned,
colour 3 = Latin (more yellow), colour 4 = black (African black).

Hair colour / Hairstyle:
You can choose between black hair, blond hair, red hair (long or short hair).

Colour of eyes:
You can choose between: Blue- 700-02.6, Extra-blue- 700-02.8, green- 700-502, extra-green-700-510, Nut- 700-03.0,

Chestnut- 700-03.1, gold brown- 700-03.2 and grey- 700-243.

The expression: DreamDoll MODEL Model can be arranged individually. Standard: black hair, blond hair, red hair (long or short) blue eyes, extra blue eyes, green eyes, and extra green eyes, brown and extra brown eyes. You can choose between 4 different skin tunes and 3 different breast sizes.

The skeleton: High quality stable structure, constructed for a long life.

Orifices: Oral, vaginal, anal:

DreamDoll-MODEL is designed with 3 orifices: Oral, vaginal and anal. Stable just like a real woman, erotically created, sensible and lifelike.

The silicone oral orifice (lips, teeth) feels just like a real mouth, just like natural sucking, when you constantly move. Depths between 12-14 cm.

The Vaginal- Orifice won’t let you miss anything. Be surprised about all the female attributes that DreamDoll will offer. The Vaginal-depth is between 16-18cm.

The Anal Orifice is also made like a real tight female orifice, 1:1.
Depth: 10-14 cm.

Remarks: DreamDoll-MODEL is produced under scientific aspects, to have lots of erotic moments.

Special features:

Skin feels soft and naturally, it’s high flexible and high durable; can be extended up to 200%. Skeleton is made for a variety of different situations that will give you knowledge of many realistic positions.

With the lightness in weights up to the highly qualitative high-quality processing and with the full range potential of an erotic sexually responding most beautifully woman, and with all kind of erotic attributes of a sex bomb, our DreamDoll MODEL Model will satisfied you like a lifelike most beautiful girl.

It gives no Problem with DreamDoll Model and Water. You can easy clean a DreamDoll Model into your bath, with normal warm water, without any problems.

The DreamDoll-MODEL is almost as a genuine girl and therefore you should handle her carefully and with a lot of tenderness and love (smile).

In preparation we have also some other DreamDoll model heating systems, we will publish them shortly. On the order page to our DreamDoll models (CUSTOM & ORIGINAL / CUSTOM TORSO & TORSO ORIGINAL Models) You can find the Option "Heating Sstem" in the below of the this page. You can integrate this New Option simple in an Order process!

Please contact us if you have any further question to our DreamDoll Creation’s Articles. We shall answer you as soon as possible for us.

Productiontime: 1 week (+-- 1 Week)
Deliverytime after Production end:  24 - 48 Hours (EU / +-24 Std). 

Product Features

Type of woman: European, Amerikanisch
Price range: Something expensive RealDolls, Expensive RealDolls
Material: Medical silicone
Type of sex toy: RealDoll, Love Doll, Masturbator
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