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DreamDoll & IncridiDoll - a RealDoll is more than just a love doll

If an inflatable love doll (so-called rubber dolls) to caricaturally, unnatural and above all unaesthetic appears, which is understandable, which is just right with us. At DreamDoll & IncridiDollk you'll find lifelike love dolls / silicone love dolls / love dolls that put everything you've ever seen in the shade. A RealDoll (by default: silicone sex doll) allows you to live out all your fantasies in a realistic way and will open up new dimensions of sexuality for you. Find out now on our pages about our high-quality and very sensual DreamDoll love doll creations!

Buy Realdoll models and get the highest quality

An extensive internet presentation awaits you with exciting and valuable information about our DreamDoll Creations models. Made of medical grade silicone, these premium-class erotic models are the ultimate in silicone love dolls with tightly integrated, sexually erotic functions.

Our DreamDoll Creations models are made by our long-time, well-known and experienced designer T. Reverdi, who has been producing most of the European-made doll models on time for our exclusive clientele since spring 2006.
DreamDoll & IncridiDoll - the ultimate in luxury love dolls

Our DreamDoll Creations models represent the highest quality and quality class, as well as in the absolute top class of silicone love doll of course, our customers may be expected. If you want to buy a Realdoll, you will be guided through the ordering process step by step in the Real Doll Shop. It could not be easier! A DreamDoll is more than just a silicone sex doll - it combines pure sensuality with incredible naturalness! Relative to other providers, the real doll prices are comparatively cheap for us. Nevertheless, we do not sell junk merchandise, but exclusively / exclusively real DreamDoll Creation & IncridiDoll (Creator Yves Becker USA) models!

No matter if you are up for


or Meava decide - each of our love dolls is unmistakable!

A slightly cheaper option complacent?

However, if you still want to test a more economical variant first, we recommend the DreamDoll X-CITE, for example, which offers a bit less features than its "big sister", but is also much cheaper. Another way to save money is to order a Real Doll Torso.
One year warranty!

By the way: We grant one year warranty on the so-called internal substructure. If you or we notice a production damage to your love doll within one year, we will stop the "Silicone Doll" - if necessary - at short notice. exchange or repair immediately.

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You can get it only here:

Unfortunately, you have damaged your model too much, so that a repair does not help anymore? No problem, we can bring you a new model to your remaining skeleton, for a much lower purchase price. The offer can only apply to customers who have already bought a DreamDoll model from us. Talk to us. just take a look.

If you have questions about our exclusive silicone dolls, contact us!

Please do not be afraid to ask us questions! In addition to the RealDoll love doll models in our range, we offer you a whole range of attractive options for your dream dream dream model. Individual wishes and solutions are a pleasure to work with you. Real Doll - silicone becomes sensuality.