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RealDoll Emanuelle Deluxe
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High Quality Silicone Dolls

Spezification: select in our order page please!
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Our Siliconedolls24 com's © IncridiDoll Body IV DELUXE Models is coming to you. Let yourself get seduced. Through originality and specified Details in combination with the face and Body the form of one of the most beautiful Models, arose in our Studio
" © IncridiDoll Model ", the SEX SIMULATION the special edition and modern Time!

The charisma of their appearance will put her spell on you. © IncridiDoll Model is the fully functional imitation and copy of a wonderful woman. All attributes of an erotic appealing woman are combined within perfectly. She puts herself so, with all her appealing sexually attributes, perfectly for you in scene.

Only our Siliconedolls24 com's © IncridiDoll Body IV DELUXE Models is sold with the power box and the body entirely equipped with the heating system. The Deluxe Models are manufactured with the latest R.H.S /V7.14 / -PUR silicone technology © IncridiDoll Model possesses the ultra realistic type IV body (see gallery details) and is endowed with the latest up-to-date technologies, as well as a variety of options to personalise your doll (i.e. intimate details, eye color, hair color, lipstick color). Once the powerbox is connected, © IncridiDoll Model gives unbelievable and unmatchable sensations of realism that one cannot pass up.

QUICK FACTS ABOUT OUR Siliconedolls24 com's
© IncridiDoll DELUXE MODEL:

Type IV Body Description :

Breast size :95B, 95C, 95D or 95DD
Waist : 64 cm / 25 inches
Buttocks : 105 cm / 41 inches
Weight : 33 kg / 72,6 pounds
Height : 1m68 / 5 ft 5”
3 orifices
Ultra supple breasts
Ultra supple buttocks (Jiggly-Butt)
Aluminum skeleton guaranteed 1 year

***include Full-Body-Heating-System & Power-Box!

For EU Customers the delivery cost is inside the gross price.

The expression:
The performance of the expression of her features can arrange individually.
Standard: black hair, blond hair, blue eyes, green eyes, tempered lightly suntanned skin.

The skeleton:
It concerns here of a qualitative high-stable sub-structure of pure rustless chrome vanadium
(in the hinges)  light metal aluminum structure composition, controlled locomotor system.

The combinations are from the most stable light metal alloy, you will find on the international market. We are always troubled to drive forward in our investigations, to make the best movement system available for our customer. The construction does not allow any unnatural movements of the Models. Only human movements are possible.  A distortion though the ripping of the silicone don’t develop. The Construction is made for a long live and complaint-free function of our Model.

Compilation and Options:

The chest:
The width of the breast is Cup size 75D (DD). The breast size can enhance up to +30% (extra-price). The enhancement is fully silicone. No pneumatic solution.

Hair colour / Hairstyle:
Can designed / formed in different individual ways. You find an assortment of our wigs in our Web Shop System under “Option and Article”.

Colour of eyes:
Can be chose between blue (bright) and green (saturated green).

Inlet: Oral, vaginal, Anal:
© IncridiDoll Model is designed with 3 inlets: Oral, Vaginal, anal. The inlets are integrated and synchrony just like an real woman, created sensible. The oral inlet offers the visually foundation of lips up to the teeth (silicone) and hyoid. The Oral-inlet is refined with an spoiling sucking feeling that won’t let you miss anything.
The Oral - inlet depth is between 12-14 cm.

The Vaginal- Inlet want let miss you also anything. One fully Attention was dedicated this area. You will be surprised with all the female peculiarities that © IncridiDoll Model will offer.
The Vaginal-depth lies between 16-18cm.

Anal Inlet is like an female Inlet designed tight. The whole look of the genitals lies in 1:1.
The Anal depth is between 10-14 cm.

Operating Device:
Upon request a setting and hanging-appliance keeps up are supplied. © IncridiDoll Model can be set up for a sexy standing position. This support System is very usefully tool for Retail Presentations.

© IncridiDoll Model is produced after scientific aspects. She is produced for to give customers a maximum o human realistic erotic experiences and desires in her live.

Special features:
Please pay attention to the well temperature Silicone skin. It is naturally soft and lightly flexible and extreme durable, the extension reaches up to 250%. The integration of a completely freely position able intern skeleton, will shifted you into the situation to find out the whole bandwidth after a great number at positions that inherence to a realistic experience of an erotic moment and to enjoy the whole bandwidth of her.

The realizing of your secret, gentlest or wildest fantasies can be converted from you with the minimum of a cost, each day into the reality. We convinced us by that, that you customs will be complaints free of her, if you want to be in use with her. From the lightness (45 kg) up to the highly qualitative high-quality processing and with the full potential of a erotic sexually responding most beautifully woman, and with all that attributes, © IncridiDoll Model will satisfy your self really completely.

There is no Problem with © IncridiDoll Model and Water. You can clean © IncridiDoll Model with normal warm water from the head to the feet. No disadvantageous processing mistakes give, if you swim with © IncridiDoll Model into your Bath.

© IncridiDoll Model is almost as a genuine girl and therefore you should handle her carefully and with a lot of tenderness and love (smile).

If you should have questions to our products, do not be afraid over of address us soon. We are available to you at any time with pleasure for further information, so soon as possible, for us.

Produktiontime: 1 up to 2 weeks (+- 1 Week).
Delivery Time after Production: 24 up to 48 hours (+- 24 hours)

Product Features

Tipo di donna: Europeo, Americana

SiliconeDolls24 - Oltre 14 anni di esperienza in "bambole dell'amore"

Abbiamo molti anni di esperienza nella produzione e vendita di bambole d'amore. Collaboriamo esclusivamente con i nostri produttori dalla fine del 2005 e possiamo quindi offrirti bambole sessuali molto speciali di altissima qualità.

La nostra gamma è in continua espansione e ora comprende oltre 800 modelli. Il nostro focus è sulla qualità e la tecnologia più recente. La nostra soddisfazione e il piacere duraturo con la tua bambola dell'amore sono il nostro obiettivo!

Consulenza professionale da parte di esperti

La nostra hotline è disponibile tutti i giorni per rispondere a tutte le domande, richieste o suggerimenti relativi all'argomento "bambola dell'amore". Il nostro servizio clienti include un supporto completo, dall'inizio di un ordine fino alla consegna finale.

Puoi contattare la nostra consulenza tecnica per telefono al numero (+49) 04748 820 347.

Dal lunedì al venerdì: dalle 9 alle 18
sabato e domenica: dalle 10 alle 12.30

Siete inoltre invitati a farci visita e ottenere consigli sul sito. Lasciati ispirare dalle nostre mostre e cogli l'occasione per configurare la tua bambola in silicone con il nostro aiuto.

I nostri orari di apertura

Dal lunedì al venerdì: dalle 10:00 alle 19:00
Sabato: dalle 10:00 alle 12:30

Spedizione discreta

SiliconeDolls24 ti assicura che il tuo ordine verrà consegnato in una scatola anonima. Non utilizziamo loghi o informazioni del produttore che consentano di trarre conclusioni sul contenuto della consegna. Solo tu sai cosa c'è davvero nella scatola.

A seconda del Paese di destinazione, il tuo ordine ti verrà consegnato da DHL, FedEx, UPS o una compagnia di spedizioni. Ti terremo aggiornato sullo stato del tuo ordine in ogni momento. Dopo la spedizione, riceverai un numero di tracciamento, che puoi utilizzare per tracciare la consegna.

Tempo spedizione GER:  25 Giorni (+- 3 giorni)
articolo n.: ICD-D-71010
produttore: INCRIDIDOLL
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prezzo al minuto 8.804,81 EUR solo 6.690,00 EUR risparmia 24% / 2.114,81 EUR
incl. 19 % UST
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