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DOLL4EVER  145 CM TPE Real Doll, Sex Doll, Love Doll Model

With the height of 145 cm and a weight of about 28 kg, the World Cup-Doll (TPE Real Doll) is still handy! These Models are realistic Silent companions / RealDolls made for easy and cheap as possible, for to have realistic experienced, illusions. For first this adult real doll models / tpe dolls are really, really better than standard rubber dolls / Latex Dolls or inflatable sex dolls. The experiences that you can have with this kind of adult Love Doll model stay for a real woman, like a sex bomb. As these models are created, the look allow you to get impressions gained by the perspectives and proportions during personal inspections. The illusion as if you would like looking for, give you the feeling to have actions with a natural grown female body.

Features: Model
Selectable blue, green or black: -Private facial eyes
- Complexion: in natural, white or tanned selectable
- Nail Colours: 14 selectable
- Hair color and length: 20 wigs freely selectable
- Pubic hair: 3 classes (surcharge)
- Vagina and anus: firmly integrated or removable vagina (no extra charge)
- Internal finely worked skeleton and joints
- 3 inputs: mouth, vagina and anus
- Removable head (see appropriate additional head at the bottom, at an additional cost)
- Produced according to the latest standards.
- See CE certificate

Dimensions of the model:
- Height: 145 cm
- Weight: about 28 kg
- Chest circumference: approx. 76 cm
- Under Bust: 54 cm
- Waist circumference: about 50 cm
- Hip circumference: about 80 cm
- Foot length: approx. 15,50 cm
- Inlet depth vagina: approx. 18 cm
- Inlet depth anus: approx. 16 cm
- Inlet depth mouth: approx. 14 cm

Supplied with your TPE Model:
- A head model of your choice (or see picture)
- A wig for your choice
- Eyes of your choice
- A garment according to the manufacturer's discretion

Material: TPE / TPR (thermoplastic) Thermoplastic rubber or thermoplastic elastomers are a new material with silicone-like qualities. Main raw material for the production of elastomers is natural or synthetic rubber, which is combined with the functionality of a plastic. This skin-like material provides a life-like feel, thus ensuring maximum fun.

The advantages of TPE: - no smell- No plasticizers (phthalates) - Excellent elasticity and strength-UV resistance body compatible- body temperature angleichend- Environmentally friendly

Care and Use: Please note that this Real Doll is a very large, but you should be careful with the Love Doll, only for first. Although, naturally during first interaction's, until you dig the system. TPE is a stretchy material, but this material also has its limits. To prevent damage during sex on the sex organs, should be generous use a water-based lubricant. The Doll is waterproof and can also be taken, for example, in the bathtub. However, one should pay attention to the Doll in contact with water is not completely unterzutauchen.Zur cleaning, the use of a mild soap and clean warm water is recommended.

Warehousing and storage: This Doll has to store does not have a hook in the neck and therefore can not be kept upright. The manufacturer recommends storing the Doll lying on his back. A slightly thicker foam is an excellent base, arms and legs should be as possible without concern to close to the body. But also we know from a hanging solution, with an adapter, but before you have to drill the head of, for drill the adapter on the neck, where you plug the head normal. After you can simple hang your doll where ever you want. Please ask us, if you like to prefer this solution (it is very cheap, just a small adaptation is needed).

-Production time: 1 week (+ - 3 days)
- Delivery time: within 48 hours after completion
- Include Delivery cost & Custom money / custom paper works
- We do all customs formalities for you;
- Easier / more comfortable, it does not go better!

SiliconeDolls24 - Más de 14 años de experiencia en "love dolls"

Tenemos muchos años de experiencia en la producción y venta de muñecas de amor. Hemos estado trabajando exclusivamente con nuestros productores desde finales de 2005 y, por lo tanto, podemos ofrecerle muñecas sexuales muy especiales de la más alta calidad.

Nuestra gama se expande constantemente y ahora incluye más de 800 modelos. Nuestro foco está en la calidad y la última tecnología. ¡Su satisfacción y placer duradero con su muñeca de amor es nuestro objetivo!

Asesoramiento profesional de expertos

Nuestra línea directa está disponible todos los días para responder a todas las consultas, solicitudes o sugerencias relacionadas con el tema de "muñeca de amor". Nuestro servicio al cliente incluye soporte integral, desde el comienzo de un pedido hasta la entrega final.

Puede comunicarse con nuestro asesoramiento técnico por teléfono al (+49) 04748 820 347.

Lunes a viernes: 9:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m.
Sábado y domingo: 10:00 a.m. a 12:30 p.m.

También puede visitarnos y obtener asesoramiento en el sitio. Déjese inspirar por nuestras exhibiciones y aproveche la oportunidad de configurar su muñeca de silicona con nuestra ayuda.

Nuestros horarios

Lunes a viernes: 10 a.m. a 7 p.m.
Sábado: 10:00 a.m. a 12:30 p.m.

Envío discreto

SiliconeDolls24 le asegura que su pedido será entregado en una caja anónima. No utilizamos logotipos ni información del fabricante que permita sacar conclusiones sobre el contenido de la entrega. Solo tú sabes lo que hay realmente en la caja.

Dependiendo del país de destino, DHL, FedEx, UPS o una empresa de envío le entregarán su pedido. Lo mantendremos actualizado con el estado de su pedido en todo momento. Después del envío, recibirá un número de seguimiento, que puede usar para rastrear la entrega.

Tiempo de entrega:  10 Days (+- 3 Days)
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