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On this site you will find love dolls / Real Dolls with the latest production methods created. These Real Dolls can now be produced with special "robot" features and functions, special, for you. This model variants combines state-of-the-art robot technology with the latest electrical technology. This combination of love & sex doll / is a nice real doll, equipped with the most modern electronics (heatings, chat, speech function, smiling function, sex vocal functions) is currently the most exclusive Model- Version you can find on the Real Doll / Love Doll Market. The uniqueness character, of this model, need really no longer to be discussed.


Product Type Fully intelligent sex robot version-01 Material Platinum Silicone Skeleton Metal skeleton Intelligent function Intelligent phonetic system: Talking in English freely Intelligent simulation system: Moving eyes, mouth and head Intelligent Heating and voice system Software and hardware upgrading system Sex options Vagina sex / Anal sex Vagina type Removeable / Fixed vagina available

This model is fully intelligent sex robot version-01, If you need normal sex doll, or any other customized requirements, please contact me for details.

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