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SiliconeDolls: Made for pleasure since 2006

Trusted by Doll Lovers All Over the World

Order the world's finest quality silicone and TPE sex dolls from MechTech, trusted by thousands of doll lovers across the globe.

Why choose us?

  • Trusted manufacturer and supplier of finest sex dolls
  • Expert advice
  • Full choice of the best sex dolls on the market
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Real peace of mind
  • All taxes and shipping costs included

Few other suppliers offer such a wide choice of full size real silicone sex dolls – from brands that include Incrididolls, Dreamdolls, Mlonely Dolls, MWM Dolls, MYL Dolls, DS Dolls and Z-One Dolls.

Real Choice, Real Quality, Real Dolls

Whichever brand you choose, our full body silicone dolls can be ordered to your precise specifications. You can choose from a wide variety of heights and skin colours, head shapes, finger nail details, hair and eye colours, and much else besides.

Experts in Sex Doll Manufacture and Supply
With many years of experience in the sometimes confusing sex doll industry, we can give you all the advice you need before you buy. We understand a love doll is a significant investment, which is why we makes sure you receive the doll of your dreams.

Use the menu above to view our latest and best life-size sex dolls from the world's top doll makers. We also have available a choice of movies so you can see how amazing these anatomically correct dolls are, including clips of Incrididolls, Dreamdolls and MWM Dolls.

TPE or Silicone?

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of sex dolls for adults, you might be wondering what the difference between TPE and silicone is. These are the two materials most commonly used in the manufacture of love dolls, but each has certain qualities. What you want from your sex doll, and your budget (cheaper silicone or TPE dolls are available, but can be of lower quality), will determine which material you choose. Read our informative article on silicone and TPE dolls here.

Indulge Your Love Doll Fantasies

Discover why Mechtech Technologies and is trusted by thousands of silicone doll enthusiasts – from Berlin to Birmingham, from Moscow to Mumbai, from Brooklyn to Buenos Aires Indulge your most thrilling fantasies with a super realistic silicone sex doll from Mechtech Technologies and

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